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The 5 Most Unique Hotels in Vancouver

Deanna deBara | July 25, 2018

There's something to be said for staying in a chain hotel—they're consistent, they're comfortable, and you know what to expect. Staying in a chain hotel is the travel version of playing it safe. Which is fine.

But sometimes, you don't want to play it safe. You want something fresh, something different, and something you can't find anywhere else in the world. Luckily, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind properties in Vancouver for when you're looking for more of an adventurous travel experience. Here are our top picks for the most unique hotels in Vancouver:


O Canada House B&B

Why it made the list

At first glance, O Canada House B & B feels like a typical (albeit well done) bed and breakfast—until you find out the property's history. This B & B was the spot where the original version of O Canada, the Canadian National Anthem, was penned in 1909—definitely one of the most unique pedigrees for a hotel we've ever stumbled across.

When we say this Victorian home is historic, we mean it (the Read More


YWCA Hotel

Why it made the list

There are few hotels where you can feel like you're actually giving back to the community during your stay—but the YWCA Hotel is one of those rare gems. The revenue from this non-profit hotel goes towards supporting the local YWCA, which provides a number of much-needed services to the community including youth programs, social housing, and community kitchens.

Younger travelers looking for decent prices—and who ap Read More


Opus Vancouver Hotel

Why it made the list

Does being the most Instagram-worthy property in the city qualify as unique? We think so. Opus Vancouver Hotel is full of the kind of photo-ops that millennials drool over, from the "It's love baby" exterior wall to contemporary light installations to the fun pops of color peppered around the hotel.

If style is your top travel priority, the Opus Vancouver is Read More


Corkscrew Inn

Why it made the list

The only hotel in Vancouver (and quite possibly the world) built around a common kitchen gadget, the Corkscrew Inn is a quirky B&B with custom corkscrew stained-glass windows, vintage furnishings, and an actual museum (for guests only) celebrating the traditional wine bottle opener.

If you're a fan of unique hotel experiences, you'll definite Read More


Skwachàys Lodge

Why it made the list

Skwachàys Lodge is not only one of the most unique properties in Vancouver—it's one of the most unique properties in Canada. The property is built around First Nations heritage and features Aboriginal art (much of it produced by the property's rotating artists-in-residence) and a rooftop sweat lodge experience—not your typical chain hotel fare.

For travelers looking for a unique experience you can't find Read More

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