The Baja Car Ferry

An alternative to the Arizona border crossings is to enter Mexico in Baja and take the car ferry from Santa Rosalía to Guaymas. The ferry departs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 am and every Friday and Sunday at 8 pm, from the terminal (615/152–1246 on the east side of the transpeninsular highway, near the bus station. Ferries from Guaymas to Santa Rosalía run every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 pm, from the ferry terminal on Avenida Serdán (622/222–0204). The trip takes 9–10 hours; the fare is $65 for adults. Cars 18 feet or less in length are $248 and require at least a three-day advance notice. Check the times, too, as these are subject to change. Passenger tickets can be purchased the day of travel, though it's best to buy them a day in advance.

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