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For short trips around central neighborhoods, the EcoBici bike share system is now available to tourists, though, inconveniently, it requires an in-person sign-up. With a passport and credit card, visitors can buy one-, three- or seven-day memberships that allow access to public bikes for unlimited 45-minute trips. Memberships cost MX$90, MX$180, and MX$300, respectively, plus a hefty refundable deposit of MX$5,000. Bike lanes are scarce and Mexico City drivers are notoriously inconsiderate, but EcoBici is a welcome option for visitors comfortable with urban cycling.


EcoBici. The capital's public bike-share system features 275 stations distributed throughout the city's central neighborhoods, with more on the way. Unlimited trips of up to 45 minutes are free with a membership, which can be purchased in one-day (MX$90), three-day (MX$180) or seven-day increments (MX$300) with a passport and valid credit card. You will also be charged a temporary deposit of MX$5,000, which will be refunded five days after your membership expires. Sign up at one of two EcoBici offices, or register online, though you'll still have to pick up your card in person. A second office is at Nuevo León 78 in Colonia Condesa. Nuevo León 78, Col. Condesa, Mexico City, Quintana Roo, 06100. 55/5005–2424. Weekdays 9–6, Sat. 10–2.

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