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This Mexico City Ice Cream Shop Specializes in Canine Clientele

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The main drawback to going out and indulging in an ice cream cone is that you can’t share your confectionery treat with your dog (which is really hard cause they look at you with those big, trusting eyes and the betrayal in their face when you don’t end up sharing that ice cream cone with them is just too gut-wrenching to bear). But Don Palleto, an ice cream shop in Mexico City, is catering to the appetites of ice cream cone coveting canines.

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The shop offers a dog-friendly ice cream (which dogs can eat off a stick, in a cone, or from a cup) is made from natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria which helps with digestion, whereas regular ice cream can cause diarrhea and indigestion in pups. And the ice cream is also safe for humans so you and your favorite four-legged friend can enjoy a sweet treat together!

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