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Rueda Medina, directly across from the dock, is lined with shops where you can rent mopeds; most charge MX$535 a day or MX$200 per hour, but the final price will depend on the vehicle’s make and condition and your own haggling skills. Some also offer bike rentals, with daily rates starting at MX$200 for beaters and MX$267 for mountain bikes. If are interested in cycling, be advised that it’s hot here and you’ll encounter plenty of speed bumps. Don’t ride at night, since many roads don’t have streetlights, and make sure your bike comes with a lock to keep it from wandering off. Before leaving the rental agency, check your moped or golf cart for scratches and dings. You may even want to take a photo for additional proof of the original condition. Otherwise, you'll pay dearly for any damage that was not noted prior to your rental agreement.

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