Banks and Currency Exchange

Isla Mujeres banks rarely change U.S. dollars into Mexican pesos, but there are many casas de cambio (exchange houses) that will; there’s also one at the Ultramar ferry dock in Cancún if you want to come prepared. Alternatively, you can withdraw pesos at several on-island ATMs, including those at the Super Express store on the town square, the Banamex at the corner of Juarez and Morelos, and the HSBC across from the ferry port. Note, however, that these machines tend to have long lines and can run out of money on busy weekends and holidays. While most businesses accept U.S. dollars, you should expect to get change back in pesos at a subjective exchange rate. A minority of establishments accept credit cards (mostly MasterCard and Visa, and often with a 5% service fee attached), though this number is growing.

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