Among the region's oldest pueblos is bustling Tonalá, a unique place filled with artisan workshops small and large. Although it's been swallowed by ever-expanding Guadalajara, Tonalá remains independent and industrious. More geared to business than pleasure, it doesn't have the folksy character of nearby Tlaquepaque. There’s a concentration of stores on Avenida Tonalá and Avenida de los Tonaltecas, the main drag into town, and many more shops and factories can be found spread throughout Tonalá’s narrow streets. The town has unusually long blocks, so wear your most comfortable shoes.

While Tonalá and its shops may not be as quaint or as touristy as Tlaquepaque, this is where you'll find the best bargains since most local goods—from furniture to glassware and ceramics—are made here. Most stores are open daily 10–5. On Thursday and Sunday, bargain-price merchandise is sold at a street market (Av. Tonaltecas at Calle Benito Juárez, 45400) packed with vendors from 9 am to 5 pm. Vendors set up ceramics, carved wood sculptures, candles, glassware, furniture, metal crafts, and more. Look for vajilla (ceramic place settings), but note that the more high-end ceramic offerings are sold at more formal stores.

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