Lago de Yojoa

The largest natural lake in the country, shimmering Lago de Yojoa is home to an amazing variety of birds. Upwards of 400 different species are found in the moss-draped trees, from black-bellied whistling ducks and blue-crowned motmots to red-legged honeycreepers and keel-billed toucans. For even more unusual sights, you can grab a pair of binoculars and hire a boat to Isla del Venado.[] With a name that means means "eye of water," Lago de Yojoa was once populated by Lenca, Maya, and other peoples. There are many ruins, the most significant being Los Naranjos on the northwest shore. Excavations were stalled for lack of funds but now seem to be back on track. Of course, the main draw of the lake is purely recreational. There are many untouched natural areas around the lake, and it is less well known than other tourist destinations. There are all kinds of trips you can take out onto the lake, the most popular being by catamaran.

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