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Southern Honduras, especially its Pacific coast, sees a slightly shorter wet season than the rest of the country, with the rains arriving in June and becoming gradually stronger until September. By mid-October they begin to taper off, but October and November are still lush and green. December sees slightly cooler temperatures, although no time of year in this warm region could ever be called "chilly." March and April can become unbearably hot and parched on the coast, although residents of Tegucigalpa do flock to the beaches near Choluteca and on Isla del Tigre for Holy Week and on weekends. The island is blessed with ocean breezes that mitigate the intense heat even during the hottest months. Any time of year, the higher elevations of Yuscarán and Danlí provide a respite from the heat of the coast; you will notice a distinct temperature difference in these two towns, even to the point where you’ll appreciate long sleeves in either town after the sun goes down.

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