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If You Have 2 days: Head east from Tegucigalpa to take in the colonial towns of Yuscarán and Danlí. Pick one in which to base yourself and visit the other as a half-day trip. (Yuscarán has one tiny hotel worth choosing for its cozy charm, but reservations are a must. Danlí’s main lodging is much larger—space is rarely a problem—but the place is kind of nondescript.) In whichever order you choose, stroll around Yuscarán’s colonial center and immerse yourself in its small-town past, peeking in at the exhibits at the Casa Fortín. In Danlí, make a point to visit one of the cigar factories.

If You Have 3 days: Three days gives you ample time to take in Isla del Tigre. Get an early start from Tegucigalpa and head south. Negotiate your passage with one of the boatmen at Coyolito on the mainland; 15 minutes later you'll be on Honduras’s very own Pacific island. Three days allows you time to sample the island’s three beaches most popular with visitors, and factors in time to discover lesser known ones, too. If you can arrange your three days to fall over a weekend, more facilities will be open. If you’re there during the week, things will be very quiet.

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