Top Reasons to Go to Southern Honduras

Bask in the colonial past: The town of Yuscarán might not have a must-see sightseeing list with items for you to check off, but few Honduran towns have preserved their colonial heritage as lovingly as this oasis tucked away in the hills.

Enjoy a good cigar: Not that we would ever advocate smoking, but if you’re already a connoisseur of fine cigars, the colonial town of Danlí is your place to buy a quality Honduran product and learn how the tobacco is grown, harvested, cured, and rolled. The climate is nearly perfect for the fine art of cigar making.

Find a secluded beach: Beach and privacy long ago became a contradiction in terms on much of Honduras’s Caribbean coast, but on Isla del Tigre, just off the Pacific coast, they’re practically synonyms.

Pay homage to “El Sabio”: Arguably Honduras’s most revered figure, independence hero José Cecilio del Valle (“the Wise One”) was born in Choluteca. A visit to his home gives you insight into the history of this sometimes-complicated country.

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