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Lagoons and canals are the streets and the Río Plátano is the highway in La Mosquitía. Residents push narrow pipante canoes with wooden poles for short trips, while sturdier motorized canoes travel longer distances. Direct, or expreso, boat services can be arranged, and collective boats offer a slower ride for a fraction of the cost. Prices have risen in the last year with the cost of petroleum, although some captains will still negotiate the fare.

Direct boats run round-trip from Palacios to Raista/Belén, and from Raista/Belén to Las Marías. Boats from Brus Laguna also head to Raista/Belén or Las Marías. One-way colectivo water taxis offer service between Palacios and Raista/Belén, and Brus Laguna to Río Plátano.

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