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La Ceiba is an important transportation hub for travelers headed to mainland communities such as Tela and Trujillo or to the Bay Islands. Isleña and Sosa have daily flights to Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and Roatán. Sosa also flies regularly to Guanaja and Utila, plus Puerto Lempira and Brus Laguna in La Mosquitia. Lanhsa has flights Monday to Saturday to Roatán, Guanaja and San Pedro Sula. Aviac also flies to Tegucigalpa, Guanaja, Roatán, Puerto Lempira, and Trujillo.

Airlines and Contacts

Isleña Airlines/TACA. Mall Megaplaza, 1st level, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 441–3354; 441–3190;

Sosa. Av. San Isidro, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 443–1399; 443–2519.

Lanhsa. Aeropuerto Internacional Golosón, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 442–1283; 414–5959;

Aviac. Col. San Luis Casa 5102, Carretera El Batallon, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán. 263–3198;

Airports and Transfers

Aeropuerto Internacional Golosón is 12 km (7 mi) from La Ceiba. Most taxis will charge around L150 to get you to your hotel, although shared colectivo taxis will cost between L20 to L50 depending on your destination. Many hotels offer free shuttles from the airport or can call a trusted cab to come pick you up.

Airport Information

Aeropuerto Internacional Golosón. Carretera La Ceiba–Tela, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 441–3025.

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