A sparkling ocean view and spectacular waterfalls where the Sierra de Omoa meets the Caribbean have made this former fishing village an emerging vacation destination for budget travelers. Tourism has lulled here in recent years after shifting currents flooded Omoa's once-seductive beaches. The town is mostly a resting point for travelers headed west to the Guatemalan border or onto Belize. Still, the quiet waterfront community is worth a night's stay if you've got the time to slow down.

Spanish explorers in Guatemala City established Omoa and its port in 1536 to ship goods back to Europe. The town was officially incorporated in 1752 and later became Honduras's most important bastion in protecting Spanish gold from looters. Following independence in 1821, the town's influence declined as shipping moved east to Puerto Cortés. With loans from the Inter-American Development Bank, the historic fortress has reemerged as the top historical site in the area.

The town is small, and addresses haven't caught on—hotels on the beach just say they are on la playa, a zone mostly huddled around the Muelle Artesanal de Omoa. There is just one main road, so either turn left or right.

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