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Shuttles in Guatemala are private minivans that can seat eight to 15 passengers. You can either hire one for yourself or pay for a seat on a shared service. They're faster and more comfortable than public buses and maintain a fairly reliable schedule. We highly recommend them as a way to travel between popular destinations. Advance reservations are usually required.

Shuttles can be arranged at the airport, at travel agencies, and through most hotels and hostels. Popular routes, like those between Guatemala City, Antigua, Chichicastenango, Panajachel, and Quetzaltenango run three to five times daily; other routes may have less frequent departures.

A private shuttle between Antigua and Guatemala City airport costs $35 to $40; a seat on the same shuttle is $12. Atitrans, Gray Line, and Servicios Turísticos Atitlán are three reputable companies that operate shuttles throughout the country.

Guatemala Companies

Atitrans. 7832–3371.

Gray Line Guatemala. 2383–8600.

Servicios Turísticos Atitlán. 5583–8328;

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