Health and Safety

The heat and sun in the Atlantic lowlands can be intense. Be prepared with a good sun hat and lightweight clothing that covers your arms and legs. Shorts don't protect legs from the sun, tall grass, insects, and dust. Also pack plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.

Robberies have been known to occur in Puerto Barrios and Livingston and at the marina in Río Dulce, so be on your guard. Use the same precautions you would anywhere else—don't wear flashy jewelry and watches, keep your camera in a secure bag, and don't handle money in public. Remain alert for pickpockets, especially in crowded markets. Only hike in the countryside with a reputable guide. Women should never hike alone. As is the case with many other excursions in Guatemala, a visit to the Siete Altares park near Livingston should only be undertaken with an organized group.

Emergency Services

Police. 7943–2074; 7948–7643; 7948–3244; 7930–5166.

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