Rio Dulce

The term "Río Dulce" denotes two geographic entities. First and foremost, it designates the beautiful waterway connecting the coastal town of Livingston with Lake Izabal, and is one of Guatemala's signature sights. It also refers to a town of that name, although that isn't actually its name at all. (Highway signs do direct you to río dulce, however.) The municipal entity that everyone calls "Río Dulce" consists of two towns on opposite shores of the river—Fronteras on the north and El Relleno on the south—connected by the country's longest bridge at 850 meters (2,790 feet). At first glance, the town has little to keep you here, although unexpectedly good restaurants and hotels nearby are easily reached by road or water. The lancheros (captains) who congregate on the river will take you anywhere in the immediate area for under Q50.


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