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INGUAT, the national tourism office, has an office on 5 Calle Oriente. It's open weekdays 8–4 and 9–5 on weekends.

A number of travel agencies can book you on trips around the region and throughout the country. Among the better known are Chiltepe Tours, Rainbow Travel Center, Vision Travel, and Turansa. One of the best is Antigua Tours, run by independent guide and longtime resident Elizabeth Bell. It offers all sorts of personalized trips, from walking tours of Antigua (daily except Sunday) to a tour of the traditional villages around Antigua, to excursions to Lake Atitlán, Chichicastenango, and Tikal.

A number of fincas (farms) in the hills around Antigua offer tours. Finca Los Nietos and Finca Filadelfia, both coffee plantations, and Finca Valhalla, a macadamia farm, are southwest of the city.


INGUAT. 5 Calle Oriente 11, Antigua, Sacatepéquez, 03001. 7832–0787;

Tour Companies

Adrenalina. 7832–1108;

Antigua Tours. 7832–5821;

Rainbow Travel Center. 7931–7878;

Turansa. 7938–5113;

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