When to Go

High Season: February to April

Climate is the Caribbean's bugaboo and will forever prevent it from becoming the same high-powered tourist destination that the northern Pacific coast is. (Frankly, we consider that to be a blessing.) The Caribbean lacks a true dry season, though February to April could be called a "drier" season, with many sunny days and intermittent showers. Yet, despite weather patterns that differ from the rest of Costa Rica, places here charge high-season rates from December to April, just as they do elsewhere in the country. Prices skew a bit lower in the Caribbean, though, than elsewhere in Costa Rica.

Low Season: May to August and December through January

The heaviest rains (and periodic road closures) come in December and January, high season elsewhere in Costa Rica. During the rainiest months visitors are fewer. May through August sees rain, too, although not quite as much. The popularity of this part of the country among European travelers means that July and August become mini high seasons here, often with a slight increase in lodging prices. Tortuguero sets its own seasons, with higher prices the norm during the prime turtle-watching months of July through September.

Shoulder Season: September to November

Want in on a little secret? When the rest of Costa Rica settles into the soggiest time of year, the sun comes out and the weather begins to dry up in this part of the country. The Caribbean coast makes the perfect refuge from the insufferably wet months of September and October elsewhere.

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