Planning Your Time

You need at least a week to truly experience any part of the Osa Peninsula. Even if you fly, ground transportation to your lodge may be painfully slow, so plan two days for travel alone. It's best to choose one base and take day trips from there. In three weeks, you can experience the entire region, including mountains, beaches, and the Osa Peninsula.

If you are driving south, keep in mind that Cerro de la Muerte is often covered with fog in the afternoon, so plan to cross the mountains in the morning. This mountain road has been much improved, but it’s safer—not to mention more scenic—to drive it in dry, clear weather. More and more visitors take the coastal highway these days, but they miss out on the dramatic mountain vistas.

Don't try to cover too much ground on a set schedule. It is simply impossible to overestimate how long it takes to drive a certain route or make transportation connections in this part of the country, especially during rainy season, when flooding and landslides can close roads and bad weather can delay flights. But remember, getting there is part of the adventure.

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