Surviving Off-the-Grid Accommodations

Many hotels in the more remote areas of the South Pacific generate their own electricity, so don't count on air-conditioning, using a hair dryer, calling home, checking your email, or paying with a credit card (unless it's arranged in advance). Some lodges do have contact with the outside world via satellite phone systems you can use in emergencies, but bad weather can often block the satellite signal. On the positive side, you really can get away from it all. Pack as though you are a castaway from modern civilization. Be sure to bring the following:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries, or better still, a kinetic flashlight that doesn't need batteries
  • Insect repellent (lots of it)
  • Sunscreen (ditto)
  • After-sun lotion
  • All toiletries and medications you could conceivably need, in small travel containers
  • Sturdy, breathable hiking shoes and lots of socks (your feet will get wet)
  • Waterproof walking sandals
  • Binoculars
  • Sun hat
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Portable, battery-operated reading light or a head lamp
  • Zip-style baggies of all sizes to keep cameras, snacks, etc., dry and bug-free

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