Belize restaurants rarely add a service charge, so in better restaurants tip 10%–20% of the total bill. At inexpensive places, leave small change or tip 10%. Many hotels and resorts add a service charge, usually 10%, to bills, so at these places additional tipping isn't necessary. In general, Belizeans tend not to look for tips, and Belizeans themselves tip sparingly, although with increasing tourism this is changing. It's not customary to tip taxi drivers or service station attendants. Guides at archaeological sites and fishing guides often expect a tip, around 10%–15% of the guide fee.

In Guatemala, restaurant bills do not typically include gratuities; 10% is customary. Bellhops and maids expect tips only in the expensive hotels. Guards who show you around ruins and locals who help you find hotels or give you little tours should also be tipped. Children will often charge a quetzal to let you take their photo.

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