Mail and Shipping

When sending mail to Central America, be sure to include the city or town and district, country name, and the words "Central America" in the address. Don’t use the abbreviation "CA" or your mail may end up in California, USA. Belizean mail service is good, except to and from remote villages, and the Belizean stamps, mostly of wildlife or flora, are beautiful. An airmail letter from Belize City takes about a week to reach the United States, longer—sometimes several weeks—from other areas.

An airmail letter to the United States is BZ60¢, a postcard, BZ30¢; to Europe, BZ75¢ for a letter, BZ40¢ for a postcard. An airmail letter to Belize from the United States costs US$1.15. Packages mailed to Belize tend to require expensive postage and must have customs forms attached.

Express Services

If you have to send something fast, use FedEx, UPS, or DHL Worldwide Express, which are expensive but (usually) do the job right. They have offices in Belize City and agents elsewhere. In San Pedro, Mail Boxes Etc. can wrap and ship your packages.

Express Services

DHL Worldwide Express. 38 New Rd., Commercial District, Belize City, Belize District. 223/1070;

FedEx. 6 Fort St., Fort George, Belize City, Belize District. 223/1577;

Mail Boxes Etc.. Mail Boxes Etc. is the agent for DHL in San Pedro. It also offers packaging and other mail and shipping services, along with post office box rentals and U.S. shopping services with Amazon, Target and other stores for expats and seasonal residents of Belize. Coconut Dr., San Pedro Town, Belize District. 226/4770;

UPS. Belize Global Travel Services, 41 Albert St., Commercial District, Belize City, Belize District. 227/2332 .

Post Offices

The main post office in Belize City is on North Front Street in the main commercial district. There are post offices in all towns and many villages. Mail service from Belize City to and from the United States and other countries is generally fast and reliable (airmail to and from the United States usually takes about seven days). To and from outlying towns and villages service is slower, and for remote villages it may take weeks. For faster, though expensive, service use DHL and FedEx.

Post Office

Main Post Office—Belize Postal Service. Belize's main post office is in the Biddles Building in Belize City. There are small post offices in all Belize towns and some villages. For collectors, the Belize Post Office issues commemorative stamps four to six times a year to mark important Belize events or to show native flora and fauna. The stamps are usually printed in sheets of 50. Biddles Bldg., 150 N. Front St., Commercial District, Belize City, Belize District. 227/2201; Mon.–Thu. 8–noon and 1–5; Fri. 8–noon and 1–4:30; closed Sat. & Sun..

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