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James Bus Lines dominates the route between PG and points north. Currently there are nine daily local bus departures from PG to Belize City, and one express. The first bus is at 3:50 am and the last one at 3:50 pm. Eight local and two express James Line buses come from what is still called the Novelo’s bus station in Belize City (Novelo’s bus company no longer exists) to Punta Gorda daily, beginning at 5:15 am with the last bus at 3:45 pm. It's a six- to seven-hour trip to or from Belize City via Belmopan, Dangriga, and Independence, depending on whether it's an express or local bus. Most buses are old U.S. Bluebird school buses—they're usually crowded, cramped, and have no air-conditioning. If you have the budget, fly. Any nonexpress bus will pick up and drop you anywhere along the route.

Off the Southern Highway in Toledo public transportation is limited. On market days (generally Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) buses leave the main plaza near the clock tower in PG around noon. Buses, mostly old American school buses operated by local entrepreneurs, go to different villages, returning on market days very early in the morning. There's no published schedule—you have to ask locally. As of this writing, buses from PG serve the villages of Aguacate, Barranco, Big Falls, Crique Sarco, Dolores, Golden Stream, Indian Creek, Jalacte, Laguna, Medina, San Antonio, San Benito Poite, San Jose, San Miquel, San Pedro Columbia, Santa Ana, San Vicente, Pueblo Viejo, and Silver Creek. Bus service to villages along the new San Antonio Road, including Manfredi, San Antonio, Santa Cruz, and Jalacte has increased in frequency and quickness because of the new road.


James Bus Line. James Bus Line is the dominant bus line on the southern route from Punta Gorda to Belize City via Independence, Dangriga, and Belmopan. It currently runs nine to 10 buses a day between PG and Belize City, including one or two express buses that make fewer stops and take less than five hours to make the 200-mile trip. 7 King St., Punta Gorda, Toledo. 702/2049; www.jamesbusline.com.

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