Top Reasons to Go to The Deep South

Rain Forests: The greenest, lushest jungles in Belize are in Toledo, fed by heavy rains and temperatures that stay mostly above 70°F. Red ginger, bright yellow-and-orange lobster claw, masses of pink on mayflower trees, and orchids of all colors splash the emerald-green landscape. Scarlet-rumped tanagers, black-headed trogans, green kingfishers, several species of parrots, and roseate spoonbills join hundreds of other birds in the rain-forest cacophony.

Outpost Atmosphere: Punta Gorda has that end-of-the-road feel, as if it's the last outpost on Earth. Yes, the Southern Highway does end here—but it's more than that. Here you get the feeling that even in today's world of 7 billion people there are still places where you could, if you needed to, hide out for a while and not be found.

Fishing: Among serious anglers, Southern Belize has a reputation for having one of the world's great permit fisheries, and for its large populations of tarpon and bonefish. The flats off Punta Ycacos are prime permit and bonefish grounds, and freshwater lagoons near Punta Negra hold snook, small tarpon, and other fish.

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