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As with the rest of Belize, the most pleasant time to visit Belize City is in the winter and early spring, December to March or April, when it's cooler and drier—similar to South Florida at that same time of year. The average high temperature in Belize City is 86.2°F, and the average low is 72.6°F. The coolest month is January, and the hottest is May. Hotel rates drop in the off-season, typically from just after Easter to U.S. Thanksgiving. September, a month marked by St. George's Caye Day (September 10) and Belize Independence Day (September 21), sees celebrations and parties; many expatriated Belizeans return home then for a visit to see family and friends. However, September is also peak time for tropical storms and hurricanes in the western Caribbean. September and October are the slowest months for tourism in Belize, and some hotels and restaurants close during this time for maintenance or to allow owners to take their own vacations.

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