Local Flavors of Western Turkey

Most cities in Turkey claim some kind of fame for their köfte (meatballs), but İnegöl köfte—traditionally cooked over charcoal—are especially delicious and said to have been invented near Bursa. Another popular dish that has origins in Bursa is İskender kebap, tender shavings of lamb or beef on pide (soft flatbread), which is soaked in tomato sauce, drizzled with hot melted butter, and served with yogurt on the side. Even if you haven’t liked İskender elsewhere in Turkey, try it in Bursa, where it's far superior.

The Aegean region is known for mezes made with wild herbs collected in the area and cooked or dressed in olive oil. Cunda Island in Ayvalık is particularly famous for its amazing range of seafood and fish mezes and main dishes, enriched by lesser-known Greek specialties and the restaurants' own creations.

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