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A car will give you more freedom to explore this region, especially off the beaten path. Major roads and modern highways are in good condition and clearly marked, so driving from İzmir to Ephesus (in Selçuk) is quite easy; navigating the small winding roads around the towns of the Bodrum Peninsula can be tricky, so make sure you have a good local map (not just a smartphone). Portions of the highway that run along the Aegean coast are quite beautiful, especially as you approach Çeşme and Bodrum. For an idea of distances: İzmir to Ephesus/Selçuk, 80 km (50 miles); İzmir to Çeşme, 85 km (53 miles); İzmir to Kuşadası, 100 km (62 miles); İzmir to Bodrum, 243 km (155 miles); and Ephesus to Bodrum, 172 km (107 miles).

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