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The A2 expressway from Basel to Zürich leads directly into the city. The A1 continues east to St. Gallen. Approaching from the south and the St. Gotthard route, take the A14 from Luzern (Lucerne). It feeds into the A3, which takes you through the Üetliberg Tunnel and into the city at its southwestern edge.

If Swiss drivers have a reputation throughout Europe for being unnecessarily impolite in their lead-footedness, Zürich must be where they're all hatched and trained. With a good number of streets in town marked "one-way" or "pedestrian-only" or with a speed limit of only 30 kph (18 mph), many drivers take out their frustrations on their fellow man. The rate of road rage is unnervingly high in Zürich, but road rules are very strict, and if you violate them, you run the risk of high fines.

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