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No one complains about the weather in Ticino. Palm trees, magnolia, century plants, and full-bodied wines suggest why so many "northerners" come to the canton for vacation: the weather is milder in winter than elsewhere in Switzerland, and stark summer temperatures are moderated by the lakes and mountains.

There can be some surprises, though, since you are in the Alps. Sudden storms and drops in temperature are possible, so make sure you have some warm and waterproof clothing. If you intend to trek up the valleys or to the summit of a mountain, sturdy hiking boots and sunglasses are an absolute necessity.

Lush and Mediterranean, Ticino is gorgeous in springtime. The season starts as early as mid-March here, making the region a popular late-winter escape. In summertime, lakeside activity surges, and the weather can at times be hot.

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