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Bus travel in the Pyrenees is the only way to cross from east to west (or vice versa), other than hiking or driving, but requires some zigzagging up and down valleys. In most cases, four buses daily connect the main pre-Pyrenean cities (Barcelona, Zaragoza, Huesca, and Pamplona) and the main highland distributors (Puigcerdà, La Seu d'Urgell, Vielha, Benasque, and Jaca). The time lost waiting for buses makes this option a last resort.

Bus Lines

Alosa. Estación Central de Delicias, Av. Navarra, Zaragoza, Aragon. 912/722832; alosa.avanzabus.com.

ALSA. Estación de Autobuses, Carrer Saracibar 2, Lleida, Catalonia, 25002. 902/422242; www.alsa.es.

Conda. Estación de Autobuses, Carrer Yanguas y Miranda s/n, Pamplona, Navarre, 31002. 902/422242; www.conda.es.

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