Abbreviations used in the book for street names are Av. for avinguda in Catalan; avenida in Spanish, and Ctra. for carreter (or carretera in Spanish). The letters s/n following an address mean sin número (without a street number). Carrer (calle in Spanish) is often dropped entirely or not abbreviated at all. Camí (camino in Spanish) is abbreviated to C. Passeig (paseo in Spanish) is sometimes abbreviated as P., but is usually written out in full. Plaça/plaza is usually not abbreviated (in this book it is abbreviated as Pl.).

Addresses in Barcelona may include the street name, building number, floor level, and apartment number. For example, Carrer Balmes 155, 3º, 1ª indicates that the apartment is on the tercero (third) floor, primera (first) door. In older buildings, the first floor is often called the entresuelo; one floor above it is principal (sometimes called the planta baja), and above this, the first floor (primera). The top floor of a building is the ático; occasionally there is a floor above that, called the sobreàtico. In more modern buildings there is often no entresuelo or principal.

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