Macdonald Holyrood Hotel

81 Holyrood Rd., Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 8AU, UK

Situated in Edinburgh's beautiful old town, this absolutely lovely hotel is just a few minutes walk away from the Scottish Parliament building and from the famous Royal Mile. It's comfortable and nice to look at, and an honest to goodness place to relax and call home while visiting beautiful Edinburgh.

Book a room on the Club Floor and you'll have access to an exclusive Library Lounge.


There are 157 rooms in the hotel and they are very nice to be in. The red and brown hues of color are elegantly Scottish and the bed is gloriously comfortable. There's satellite television, a large desk, complimentary mineral water, a coffeemaker, ironing board, hairdryer, etc--all of the regular amenities you'd expect.

YOU SHOULD KNOW There's no A/C, so it can get stuffy at night--just open the windows. You'll be fine.


The bathrooms are good. They're just all around good bathrooms. They've got just the right amount of luxury mixed with practicality.


The lobby has a sitting area and a reception desk, but other than that it's pretty much just a regular lobby--not that this is a bad thing, because it's still extremely pretty and generally nice to look at.


There is a pool. And it is heated.


The spa has a full menu of treatments, from full body massages to all sorts of different types of facials, depending on what you're looking for. The menu is pretty extensive. Scrubs, pedicures, manicures, waxing... it's all here, folks.


The hotel features a state of the art Technogym, for all of your work out needs.

Forget the treadmill--you're in Edinburgh! Walk around! Heck, run around!


Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini is located right off the lobby, and it does not disappoint. Here you'll find a blend of French cuisine and Scottish ingredients, and a very extensive wine list.

There's a continental breakfast buffet each morning, and it is extremely good, as far as continental breakfasts go.


The hotel's bar has a wide selection of drinks--beers, cocktails, wine, the gang's all here. It's a relaxed atmosphere. It's a nice hotel bar.


Getting Around

Walk! You should walk, for the most part. It won't take you long to get anywhere. Plus, the views are worth it. If you'd like a quicker way of getting around, you can easily hail a taxi, or call an Uber/Lyft. For longer travel, use the railways. Or, go big and get a private chauffeur, using the ever-helpful Brendan Vacations.


Witchery By the Castle (10-minute taxi) is a hauntingly exquisite treat of a restaurant, and is located right down the way from Edinburgh Castle. You'll feel like gothic royalty dining at this place. Tigerlily (10-minute taxi) is a stylish boutique restaurant with a menu as eclectic as its decor.


Hoot the Redeemer (10-minute taxi) is a semi-secret little dive bar, hidden in a building that really doesn't look like it holds a bar, or much of anything, actually. Inside, however, you'll find a wonderland of art and kitschy decor, alcoholic ice cream, creative cocktails and good beers. Also, if you tell the bartenders what you're into, they'll prepare a drink especially for you, like you're some sort of prince.


This is a solid hotel in a picture-perfect location. It's very close to the bustle of the city, while also being removed enough to keep you relaxed after a long day of exploring everything Edinburgh has to offer (which is quite a bit!).



Phones: +44 344 879 9028

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