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If You Have 1 or 2 Days

You can take your pick of the suburbs for any day trip, although your choice of destination will be influenced by the time of year. In summer, Peterhof is a must. At this time of year, Pushkin and Pavlovsk are also at their most attractive, and can be seen in a single day or, better still, over two days. If you have to choose, head to Pushkin.

If You Have 3 or 4 Days

In summer head to Peterhof and Pushkin on your first two days. On your third day, take a break from the palaces and visit the unforgettable Valaam Archipelago. To get to Valaam, on the evening of your second day catch the boat down the Neva River and up into Lake Ladoga. Spend the third day admiring the secluded monasteries and natural beauty of the islands, and return to the city overnight. On your final day, head for Gatchina, Lomonosov, or the Konstantine Palace. For a destination with a completely different historical feel, head for the naval town of Kronshtadt.

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