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Travel agents in all the major hotels offer their guests (and anyone else willing to pay their fees) various tourist services, including help in booking group or individual excursions, making a restaurant reservation, or purchasing theater or ballet tickets. The Moscow city government offers very little assistance to tourists, in part because the established Soviet travel service monopoly, Intourist, was sold off by the government during the '90s privatization spree. However, there's an official Moscow tourist office that runs a hotline you can call to ask questions and obtain information regarding museums, tour agencies, emergency services, and other tourist activities. The operators speak English, but don't count on them for a great deal of detailed information.


Tourist Hotline. This service is hit or miss in terms of getting the answer you want. They usually have information about the major sights in the city, however. English is spoken. 495/690–1301, 800/220–0001, or 800/220–0002.

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