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Long-distance trains arrive at Porto Campanhã station, east of the center. Note that not all services from Lisbon terminate here; some continue on to Braga. From Campanhã you can take a five-minute connection to the central São Bento station; otherwise, it's a 30-minute scenic walk. The São Bento station is a tourist attraction in its own right, famous for the intricate blue-and-white azulejo tiles that line the walls of the main hall. From Spain, the Vigo–Porto train crosses at Tuy/Valença do Minho and then heads south to Porto, usually stopping at both Campanhã and São Bento. From Porto some of the most scenic rail lines in the country stretch out into the river valleys and mountain ranges to the northeast. Even if you rent a car, try to take a day trip on one. For reservations and schedules, visit São Bento station or the tourist office.

When leaving Porto, be sure to budget plenty of time from São Bento station to make your connection—or take a taxi straight to Campanhã. For the express service to and from Lisbon, reserve your seat at least a few hours in advance. The picturesque Douro Line is served by trains from Campanhã (some with a change at Ermesinde) and pass through Livração, Peso da Régua (Régua), and Tua on the four-hour journey to Pocinho, at the far end of the Alto Douro demarcated grape-growing region. For reservations and current schedules, contact Estação de São Bento or the tourist office in Porto. On summer Saturdays (June–October), a special historic train runs between the Régua and Tua stations, with a stop at Pinhão.

Trains on the main route north along the Costa Verde depart approximately hourly from Campanhã stations and run through Barcelos and Viana do Castelo, as far as Valença do Minho.

Braga and Guimarães are served by Porto suburban services from both São Bento and Campanhã stations. Braga is also served by some long-distance trains through Campanhã.

Train Contacts

Estação de Campanhã. Largo da Estação de Campanhã, Porto, Porto, 4300. 70/721–0220; 70/721–0746.

Estação de São Bento. Praça Almeida Garrett, Porto, Porto, 4000. 22/200–2722.

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