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Rede Expressos operates frequent bus service to and from Lisbon to major towns in the region, with the ride from the capital to Porto, the main regional hub, taking at least 3½ hours and costing €19 one-way. The journey from Lisbon to Bragança, the remotest city, takes 7½ hours (including breaks) and costs €21.90. Rodonorte links major towns within the northern region, with the trip from Porto to Amarante taking 50 minutes and costing €7.50 and the three-hour ride from Porto to Bragança costing €13.70. Other local operators fill in the gaps. Major terminals are in Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Vila Real, and Chaves; the staff might not speak English, but timetables are easily decipherable with the aid of a dictionary. Within towns, local buses are generally the way to get around; Porto also has a metro system, a funicular, and a few antique trams aimed mainly at the tourist market.

Bus Contacts

Rede Expressos. Rua de Alexandre Herculano 366, Porto, Porto, 4000. 70/722–3344; www.rede-expressos.pt.

Rodonorte. Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto 19, Porto, Porto, 4000. 22/200–5637; www.rodonorte.pt.

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