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Madeira has four separate bus companies. Yellow Horários do Funchal buses serve Funchal and its surrounding neighborhoods. SAM buses run from Funchal to the airport and to the towns of Caniço, Machico, Caniçal, Porto da Cruz, and Santo da Serra, while Rodoeste buses run to the north and west of the island. The small company EACL serves towns east of Funchal.

Most services leave from an outdoor terminal at the end of Avenida do Mar. Generally, buses travel several times a day to each village on the island, but schedules change constantly, so inquire at the tourist office for departure times or check the websites.

Bus Contacts

EACL. 291/222558; www.eacl.pt.

Horários do Funchal. 291/705555; www.horariosdofunchal.pt.

Rodoeste. 291/220148; www.rodoeste.pt.

SAM. 291/201151; www.SAM.pt.

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