Taxis in Lisbon are relatively cheap, and the airport is so close to the city center that many visitors make a beeline for a cab queue outside the terminal. To avoid any hassle over fares you can buy a prepaid voucher (which includes gratuity and luggage charges) from the tourist office booth in the arrivals hall. Expect to pay €15 to €25 to the city center and €45 to €50 if you're headed for Estoril or Sintra. Uber is also very popular in Lisbon, and it's worth downloading the app even if you're not a regular user.

Drivers use meters but can take out-of-towners for a ride, literally, by not taking the most direct route. If you book a cab from a hotel or restaurant, have someone speak to the driver so there are no "misunderstandings" about your destination. The meter starts at €3.25 during the day and €3.90 at night and on weekends. You pay what is on the meter. Supplementary charges are added for luggage (€1.60) and if you phone for a cab (€0.80). The meter isn't always used for long-distance journeys outside Lisbon.

You may hail cruising vehicles, but it's sometimes difficult to get drivers' attention; there are taxi stands at most main squares. Contrary to the norm in many countries, when the green light is on it means the cab is already occupied. Tips of up to 10% are appreciated, but not obligatory.


Autocoope. 217 932 756;

Retális. Lisbon, Lisbon. 218 119 000;

Teletáxis. 218 111 100 ;

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