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A ferry to Hovedøya and other islands in the harbor basin leaves from Aker Brygge. These are great spots for picnics and short hikes. From April through September, ferries run between Rådhusbrygge 4, in front of City Hall, and Bygdøy, the western peninsula, where many of Oslo's major museums are located. There is also ferry service from Aker Brygge to the Nesodden peninsula, as well as to popular summer beach towns along the fjord's coast. Ferry lines also connect Oslo with Denmark and Germany.

Boat and Ferry Contacts

Bygdøyfergene. The ferries to the Bygdøy Peninsula are operated by Norway Yacht Charter and leave from Pier 3 by City Hall. The pier numbers are not clearly marked, so look for the sign saying "Bygdøy" in big red letters. Normally, pedestrians always have right-of-way in Norway. The only exception to this rule is for trams, so be aware of them when crossing the square from City Hall. 23–35–68–90;

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