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Venice and the Venetian Arc

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Total Duration: 10 days

Venice truly is a city unlike any other. You can't begin to get a real sense of its unique beauty and complexity in a day or two—which is why this itinerary devotes four days to it. When you move away from the city, you'll continue to feel its influence in the "Venetian Arc," the swathe of northeastern Italy that was once under Venice's rule.

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Architecture
  • Art and Culture
  • Food and Wine
  • Natural Beauty
Days 1-4
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1 Venice

The Most Serene

  • Take a boat ride down the spectacular Grand Canal
  • Hang out in the gracefully spacious Piazza San Marco before visiting the Basilica, with its shimmering mosaics
  • Bask in the Bellinis and other Venetian masterpieces at the marvelous Galleria dell'Accademia
  • With map in hand, discover works of Venetian masters in the city's many churches, palaces, and halls
  • Take a bàcaro (wine bar) tour, sampling traditional cichetti (savory snacks) accompanied by an ombra (glass of wine)
  • Food and Wine
  • Art and Culture
  • Architecture
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Days 5-6
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2 Trento and the Dolomites

Alpine Expanses

  • Explore the seat of the historic Council of Trent with one of several guided tours offered by the Trento tourism office
  • Sample wonderful Sud-Tyrol wines and food; featuring apples, olive oils, wurst sausages, and Alpine cheeses
  • The lakes, mountains, and wine roads that surround the city are the reward for touring—whether by foot, car, or bus
  • Food and Wine
  • Natural Beauty
  • History
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Days 7-8
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3 Verona

Rome, Renaissance, and Shades of Shakespeare

  • Nestled in a wide bend of the Adige river, Verona is blessed with elegant architecture and sophisticated culture
  • Experience an opera in the ancient Roman Arena di Verona, one of the best preserved in all Italy
  • Enjoy the best of the region's gastronomy, from fish and game to local Valpolicella, Soave, and world-famous Amarone wines
  • Take a day-trip to Mantua, an alluring city in its own right, where the painter Andrea Mantegna produced some of his most famous works
  • Architecture
  • Art and Culture
  • Food and Wine
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Days 9-10
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4 Padua

Where the Learned, Lively and Legendary Converge

  • Book in advance to view Giotto's groundbreaking frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel
  • Combine a visit to the Palazzo della Ragione and the two colorful open-air markets that surround it
  • Visit one of the oldest universities in Italy (founded in 1222), where one classroom has a lectern used by Galileo
  • Consider a day trip to Vicenza, 30 minutes away by train, to visit the churches, theaters, and palaces of master architect Andrea Palladio
  • Art and Culture
  • Shopping
  • History
  • Architecture
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