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Days 12-13
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Long the spiritual capital of Spain, Toledo perches on top of a rocky mount. These days most people come for the art. Toledo is where El Greco came into his own, and his paintings can be found in many churches here. As you set out on the El Greco trail, simply enjoy the experience; Toledo's streets are a labyrinth, and getting lost is part of the fun.
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  • Thanks to the Moors, Toledo's streets are laid out like a maze; take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • El Greco's most famous painting, The Burial of Count Orgaz, is inside the Santo Tomé chapel. Don't miss the El Greco Museum.
  • Toledo's cathedral is nearly obscured by houses, but once inside this Gothic masterpiece you'll be rewarded by beautiful frescoes and several other works by El Greco.


  • The Titirimundi Festival, held in May, celebrates puppetry and puppet theatre.
  • Toledo is one of the best cities to experience the Corpus Christi celebration, nine weeks after Easter, which re-enacts the struggle between good and evil.

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