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Day 10
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Methoni, a small fishing and farming village on a cape, is so delightful that it is one of the seven towns Agamemnon offered Achilles when his beloved Briseis was carried off. Today Methoni is still a charming place to visit. There are two main areas to explore: an old town and a low-key settlement along the beach.

  • Archaeology
  • Natural Beauty


  • Walk around this town to see why King Agamemnon once gifted it to Achilles. The little village, which has plenty of long beaches, is backed by olive groves and vineyards.
  • Methoni's biggest attraction is its kastro, an imposing, well-kept citadel that the Venetians built when they took control of the city in 1209.
  • A bridge joins the kastro with the Bourtzi, an octagonal tower built above the crashing surf on a tiny islet.


  • On Kathari Deftera (Clean Monday), Methoni holds a mock village wedding where the bride and groom are two men.

Side Trips

  • Visit Pylos, a charming port town 9 mi/15 km away. Don't miss the natural arch and sunken Turkish ships off the coast.