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Days 11-12
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Athens has greeted the millennium with a sleek new subway and plenty of urban redevelopment. For most visitors, ancient Greece (rather than modern-day Athens) holds the biggest appeal. Here you'll find the great temple of Periclean Greece, the Parthenon, juxtaposed with heart-stopping views of the metropolis.
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  • Art and Culture
  • Architecture


  • You can see the columns of the Parthenon looming over the city from just about everywhere.
  • The Acropolis is the birthplace of Western civilization, and although most of the buildings are damaged (or ruins), they have a magnetic beauty.
  • The Agora was once the commercial hub of ancient Athens, where Plato and Socrates roamed (and where Socrates was sentenced to death). Today, visitors can see foundations of some of the original buildings as well as sculptures.
  • The unparalleled Benaki Museum covers Greece from prehistory to the modern Greek state.


  • Every year in early November, the Athens Classic Marathon is run over roughly the same course taken in 490 BC by the courier Pheidippides.

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