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Road Trip Around Ancient Greece

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Fly into: Athens Fly out of: Athens
Total Duration: 12 days

What's better than a road trip to explore a country? In this itinerary, you'll be road-tripping around Greece and criss-crossing from Attica to the Peloponnese to explore some its top ancient sites. You'll see the ruins of sacred Delphi, where the Oracle once uttered its prophesies, the ancient theater at Epidauros that had room for over 14,000 people, and the city which was given to Achilles as a gift.

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Archaeology
  • Food and Wine
  • History
  • Natural Beauty
Day 1
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1 Delphi

Visit the Oracle

  • Follow in the path of ancient pilgrims and stop at the Sanctuary of Athena before heading to ancient Delphi
  • The Sanctuary of Apollo invites you to imagine a time of oracles and prophecies
  • Explore the Delphi Museum, which contains treasures from the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena.
  • Archaeology
  • Museums
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Days 2-7
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2 Nafplion

Start Your Odyssey

  • Spend tine in Nafplion, one of the prettiest cities in Greece
  • Explore the theatre at Epidauros, which is also home to the most important ancient healing center in the ancient world
  • The great poet Homer wrote about Mycenae and its legendary king who launched the Trojan War
  • Walk around Ancient Corinth, a magnificent site of ancient ruins
  • Archaeology
  • Natural Beauty
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Days 8-9
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3 Monemvassia

Byzantine Splendor

  • Visit Christos Elkomenos, reputedly the largest medieval church in southern Greece
  • For solitude and dizzying views, explore Ayia Sophia
  • Tired of sight-seeing? You can take a dip off the rocks at the base of old town
  • Archaeology
  • Natural Beauty
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Day 10
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4 Methoni

An Ancient Gift

  • Walk around this charming town to see why King Agamemnon once gifted it to Achilles
  • Methoni's biggest attraction is its kastro, a well-kept citadel
  • Walk across a bridge over crashing surf to see the Bourtzi (a tower)
  • Archaeology
  • Natural Beauty
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Days 11-12
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5 Athens

Classical Wonders

  • Explore the Acropolis, the great emblem of classical Greece which looms high over the city
  • Follow in the footsteps of Socrates and Plato with a stroll through the ancient Agora
  • Visit Greece's oldest private museum, the Benaki Museum, which showcases everything from ancient sculpture to 19th-century gowns
  • Art and Culture
  • Architecture
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