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Day 5
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A university town to beat the band, Heidelberg is a living representation of Romantic Germany. Though the city draws scads of visitors every year, the youthful spirits of the students prevent it from ossifying into a museum piece.
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  • The castle here is a hodgepodge of architectural styles, including Baroque, Renaissance, and Stuart. It's also home to a nifty Apothecary Museum, with flagons and cures made from dried beetles.
  • The Alte Brücke spans the Neckar River. The site of many bridges before it, this one remains, framing the entrance to the old town.


  • The Schlossbeleuchtung, or castle lighting, is a fireworks show that happens three times a year. The first lighting is scheduled for early June.
  • At the end of June, the Castle Festival includes music and dancing at the Schloss.

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