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Classic Trips: Helsinki to Moscow

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Fly into: Helsinki Fly out of: Moscow
Total Duration: 12 days

This classic northern trip starts in Helsinki's saunas and castles, then heads east to St. Petersburg. There you'll explore the Hermitage before traveling to the busy streets of Moscow, where the trip ends. Try this trip in summer, when the days seem to stretch forever. Both St. Petersburg and Helsinki have festivals celebrating the season.

    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Great Train Ride
Days 1-3

1 Helsinki

Saunas and Style

  • See some of Finland's famous designs at the Designmuseo
  • Don't sweat it—have a traditional Finnish sauna at one of the public baths
  • Suomenlinna, an island fortress dating from the mid-1700s, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an easy day trip via ferry from Helsinki
  • History
  • Shopping
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Days 4-8
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2 St. Petersburg

The Hermitage and the Venice of the North

  • The art at the Hermitage can't be beat; see everything from Monet to mummies
  • Tour the Winter Palace, the grandest monument to the Russian rococo style
  • Surviving revolution and world wars, the ornate St. Isaac's cathedral is the world's third largest domed cathedral
  • Nightlife
  • History
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Days 9-12
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3 Moscow

Modern Russia's Bustling Hub

  • Red Square at night, tourist's delight: it's even more beautiful than in the photos
  • The theater scene is expansive, from the Bolshoi Ballet to the Moscow Conservatory
  • See the shops of Tverskaya ulitsa, Moscow's Fifth Avenue
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
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