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Day 6
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The lure of Neuschwanstein is strong here. The castle draws many, many visitors, and while the trip is worth braving the crowds, it's by no means a solitary experience. These two chateaus are an iconic part of Germany, inspirational to both Wagner and Walt Disney.
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  • Architecture
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  • Natural Beauty


  • Neuschwanstein draws a million visitors a year, thanks to its fairy-tale looks. Created by a set designer for King Ludwig II, it was the model for the castle in Snow White.
  • The yellow Hohenschwangau sits across the valley. Although it's not as striking, it too was built for Ludwig II but served as more of a home and less of a set piece. The castle was also an inspiration for Richard Wagner's bombastic Ring Cycle, operas celebrating Germany's strength.
  • The Marienbrücke provides a sparkling vista of the valley, spun like maiden's hair across the gorge between the two castles.


  • Castle concerts are held in September in Neuschwanstein's Minstrel's Hall.
  • The Fürstensaal, a classical-music festival, takes place in mid-June.

Side Trips

  • The Hohes Schloss, or High Castle, in Füssen, is one of the best-preserved late-Gothic castles in Germany.

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