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Days 3-5
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A Baroque masterpiece split by the Elbe River, Dresden is often overlooked on the trail between Prague and Berlin. It's worth stopping here, as the city has unique treasures, including the rebuilt Frauenkirche church.
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  • The Frauenkirche has an amazing tale behind it. The church was completed in 1743, but the Stone Bell supporting its huge dome was destroyed in 1945. It lay in ruin until the fall of communism, when it was rebuilt from original plans.
  • The Zwinger, part park and part Baroque showpiece, is a calm patch of ground in this thoroughly modern burg.
  • A Baroque palace houses the New Green Vault, with its cache of silver and gold objects, as well as the world's largest green diamond.


  • Dresden's annual classical music festival, held at the Philharmonic, runs from mid-May to early June.
  • Filmfest Dresden takes place outdoors on the banks of the Elbe from late June to early August.

Side Trips

  • Meissen, 15 mi/24 km northwest of Dresden, is famed for its porcelain and has museums and workshops dedicated to the craft.
  • Thanks to exquisite architecture in a jumble of styles, Gorlitz, 38 mi/61 km northeast of Dresden, is one of Germany's prettiest cities.

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