Fodor's Expert Review Casa di Nettuno ed Anfitrite

Herculaneum (Ercolano) Archaeological Site/Ruins Fodor's Choice

The ruin of this house takes its name from the mosaic in back that still sports its bright blue coloring and adorns the wall of the small, secluded nymphaeum-triclinium (a dining room with a fountain). The mosaic depicts the following scene: according to legend, in the time-honored fashion of the Olympians, Neptune (or Poseidon) saw Amphitrite dancing with the Nereids on the island of Naxos, carried her off, and married her. The adjacent wall, in similar mosaic style, has a hunting scene of a stag being pursued by a dog. Annexed to the same house is a remarkably preserved wine shop, where amphorae still rest on carbonized wooden shelves.

Archaeological Site/Ruins Fodor's Choice

Quick Facts

Insula V, on Cardo IV parallel to Cardo V
Ercolano, Campania  Italy

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